Partnering 4 Performance – Welcoming Nadia Scott!

I am delighted and excited to share with you that Nadia Scott is adding her weight of extensive experience to Gill Main Developments and you can read about Nadia and the immediate not to be missed  offering in this LinkedIn update.

We will be working together on specific purpose driven projects, bringing benefit to organisations and fostering wellness and entrepreneurship in individuals.

In my business Gill Main Developments and under my previous branding of Partnering4Performance and Turnkey Solutions I have carried out diagnostics then designed and delivered bespoke to business solutions for over 35 years.

Building competence and confidence in people and business through programmes and workshops on leadership and management; personal development planning;   building high performing teams;  wellness in the workplace; implementing performance review processes;  people communication and interpersonal skill development, and in handling ’sticky’ situations, as examples.   In my organisational development capacity this has been across a wide range of business sectors, cultures, role status and people ability contexts.

One to one coaching and mentoring in above topics, and as a life coach supporting people from many walks of life in designing and building their best lives is a speciality I am well versed in.   As a therapist with a range of therapeutic approaches I deliver and teach, along with yoga teacher qualified I readily weave a business and health holistic perspective together, as appropriate to situation.

Nadia and I are both business focussed.  At the same time we are ‘Wellness Warriors’.  A dynamic duo if I say so myself who are equal in passion, with shared values, beliefs, and a heart and head approach.  We share a common purpose when it comes to business growth, influencing both workplace and an individuals wellness practice, creating  health and wealth in both.

We will be capitalising on our different areas of expertise, experience, strengths, styles, influencing building competence and confidence in business and in leading to enabling people to design and live their best lives.  I look forward to the next part of our journey together doing this and welcome your contact to discuss.

A message from my new partner, Nadia Scott:

I’m excited to share my journey back onto LinkedIn with a renewed vision and purpose. As an independent consultant, I’m now uniquely positioned to collaborate with organisations that share my values and drive in sectors I’m deeply passionate about, especially within ImpactEd Coaching.

My mission? To bridge the gap between local employers, training providers, and government funding priorities. I’m dedicated to identifying organisations capable of making a significant impact and providing sustainable opportunities across the North East.

Leveraging my extensive network of highly skilled professionals, I offer comprehensive solutions to organisations eager to design and deliver purpose-driven training. Whether it’s for their teams or the broader community, my focus is on empowering employers to become training providers themselves. This approach not only aligns with governments agenda it nurtures workforce development and fosters positive working environments.

Through bespoke training programmes and strategic recruitment planning, I aim to support business growth while ensuring alignment with funding partners to help subsidise costs. My role extends beyond consultancy; I offer coaching to navigate the complexities of implementing government-funded training schemes effectively. This dual approach ensures you receive the necessary knowledge to secure and ethically utilise government funding, alongside support in developing the systems, processes, and culture essential for a thriving business.

I’m working in partnership with Gill Main, collaborating with providers that have available funding in key areas such as Health and Wellbeing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Technologies, including IT, Marketing, Microsoft applications, Adobe, and more.

If you’re interested in exploring how we can align our efforts to create impactful change, please contact either of us with your email address for more details ❤️

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