Hello, I'm Gill

I am a leadership, life and wellness mentor / coach and a lover of people.

You don’t get to the age in life I am now without taking a few knocks along the way.

Disappointments in relationships leading to divorce – twice!; family business crises leading to financial losses; the death of much loved parents and in-law parents; unmet job and project expectations; employment and career uncertainly; hiccups in health, death of loved pets – you get the picture?

All the above needed me to make CHANGE.

Sometimes I chose to create the change, and there were big consequences, many I didn’t foresee to deal with.  Sometimes the change was forced on me and I had no choice.

Ah, the contrasts that life provides for us – the wonderful highs and the dark lows. 

We all experience them.

There are times when we need to reach out for support from somewhere.  Family and friends can and do help, and they are not always enough.  Often, they neither have the expertise or resources we need and / or we don’t want to burden them.

I learned a lot from my trials and tribulations.  I reached out to others for my own support and thankfully I armed myself throughout the years with tools, techniques, and approaches to aid my own health and wellness throughout often turbulent times.

My Partnering4Performance is an approach, and a brand, created to provide such support as needed in times of change for people. 

A non-judgemental, open, honest sounding board and range of supporting services where there is only one Agenda, Your Success.  Whatever that definition of success is for you, I will work with you to discover and work toward it.

I can work with you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – in other words, I work with the WHOLE PERSON, as a life coach with a holistic approach to your life.

I won’t ever push you further than you feel ready to go with your change.

I will respectfully and lovingly ‘poke and provoke’ you to become conscious of your limiting beliefs, those things that hold you back that you are unaware of that limit your progress, and confidence, to what you want to have, do and be in your life.

I look forward to Partnering 4 Performance with You.

"Is it perfectly ok to change your mind! I have a colleague that says he is ‘stubborn’ and doesn’t give up. Resilience is one thing and quite different to stubborn – staying ‘on a road’ just because you decided to do it is not resilience – its plain stupid if you no longer want to travel along it!" - Gill Main


Professional Associations & Qualifications

• Diploma in Life Coaching – Coaching Academy

• Diploma in Performance Coaching – Newcastle

• NLP Practitioner / Master Practitioner

• Diploma in Strategic Management
• Diploma In Holistic Therapy
• Reiki Master Teacher Trainer
• Diploma in Personnel Management
• Kundalini Yoga Teacher 

Denise, John & Kate
A wonderful family

Our daughter Kate was a shy girl with low self esteem. We were concerned about this as she was due to start secondary school in September 2018.

Our’s and Kate’s fear was she would struggle to make new friends as she had been rejected and let down by friends in her primary school which really knocked her confidence. We heard about Gill through a mutual friend and decided to contact her to see if she could help. Kate has been attending sessions with Gill since the summer and there was an immediate bond between Gill and Kate.

This has developed into a very close relationship between them both. Since attending sessions with Gill, Kate has come on immensely. She has made lots of new friends at her new school and has even been given the confidence to join and perform in a drama, singing and dance school.

This is a huge step for her as in the past school assemblies and standing up in front of her classmates normally turned into very stressful situations and meltdowns. Kate has learned some really useful life skills to cope with these situations now. Gill is a lovely, caring and professional lady who has made a massive difference to Kate’s life….we could not recommend her enough.

Duncan Urquhart

It was very evident that not only does Gill possess vast knowledge, experience and skill of coaching in particular, but also she demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skill allied to passion for what she is doing. 

I have been very impressed by the energy and commitment she has demonstrated in her desire to raise the bar in her business and professional life. Her determination to bring topics very close to her heart into the market place – e.g. health and wellbeing – is being rewarded by a heightened awareness of what she has to offer and the depth of her expertise.

Finally, Gill is a pleasure to know, good fun, good company and always keen to have a coffee and catch up. I recommend Gill to you.

Glyn Davison

In a very challenging and high pressured period for me personally, not only did Gill ensure we remained focused on making decisions in a calm, thoughtful manner, she facilitated several sessions which resulted in the best business decisions we have ever made.   

Her focus on teaching individuals how to coach, lead and develop are exceptional and her personal one to one sessions have provided support far beyond my expectations and I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.

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