Questionaire -

Developing Your Skills in Leadership and Management

The aim of this Questionnaire is to invite you to reflect on the skills of leading and managing; and for you to clarify any areas of uncertainty about your role with your own leader / manager.  You are being invited to think about the following:

  • The need for leading and managing in organisations
  • What you consider to be leadership and management skills
  • The place for these skills in your job for you to perform most effectively
  • The priority you attach to them
  • Your own reasons for attending this coaching process / development programme.

Providing at least 4 points in reply to each of the questions will be useful in creating discussions and input during our sessions together.

The more that you think about each question, the deeper you will find the importance of what it is you are being invited to think about. The questionnaire is about exploring perspectives, not about establishing right or wrong answers.

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