Your Life By Design - Workshop

The Aim of this Workshop is to provide the opportunity for participants to take time out to focus on, think deeply and
at length about the things that are really important and desired in your life.  To find out what is going on in your head
and your heart when it comes to your future – what is important in your life?

The Workshop is all about raising your consciousness about the things that really matter to you clarifying your goals
and aspirations for the future.  You will have quality time spending a day on yourself – putting DESIGN into YOUR LIFE because you are worth it.

You will be inspired to create a MUSE, your very own Vision Board that will be an expression of the deepest and often unexplored part of you.  This revealing comes from your spirit or source, from the unconscious mind that speaks to
us in signs and symbols that can come from anywhere – if we are open and listen to our intuition and creative urges. 
Your MUSE is a UNIQUE combination of thoughts, images, senses and the spoken word. It is the expression of your intention.

You are currently the sum total of your own life’s choices and creations; stand back and admire yourself. ‘What’s next’? – Gill Main

Life is a work of ART designed by the one who lives it.

Intention is the act of imagination and calls forth images or words that define what it is that you want to create and to have in your life. What is important to You? This ‘calling forth’ and intention is about creating an ‘energy’ and starts paving the
way to manifesting your desires summoning events, people and resources to aid you.

You will also be provided with the opportunity to take your creative stimulus and turn this into concrete goals and actions
to work toward.

"Imagination is everything. It's the preview of life's coming attractions" - Albert Einstein

Your Workshop Overview

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Listening and hearing yourself activity
  • Creating your vision board – your muse – your life by design
  • ‘Imagineering’ and crafting your perfect day
  • Clarifying, and future pacing, energising your vision
  • Next steps

What You'll Experience

The day involves a workshop, as well as individual and group activities. There will be some pre-work to help you focus
before attendance and a follow up one-to-one personal development coaching session. 

To book your workshop please contact me. The Investment Fee will depend on group size and venue choice which we
can decide together. Your investment will include information handouts, Muse board and materials and light refreshments.
It is recommended for the session that you wear loose comfortable clothing and although not necessary, please bring any magazines, photographs, pictures that you think may be appropriate to your design board and planning.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch by clicking here so we can start working together.

Glyn Davison

In a very challenging and high pressured period for me personally, not only did Gill ensure we remained focused on making decisions in a calm, thoughtful manner, she facilitated several sessions which resulted in the best business decisions we have ever made. Her focus on teaching individuals how to coach, lead and develop are exceptional and her personal one to one sessions have provided support far beyond my expectations and I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Philip Bernays

Somehow Gill manages to inspire and entertain at the same time – and our development programme really moved forward as a result.

Janet pender

Life Coaching & Personal Development

Feeling completely disillusioned with life and people and needing someone to hold my hand whilst I found myself again – I found this in Gill. Gill helps guide you in the right direction and gives you the tools to help you along the way.She helped me understand more about myself and how I could deal with life and situations in future. Her non-judgemental, wealth of knowledge and understanding gave me confidence in Gill and her guiding nature. She is a huge hug and mentor everyone needs in some point in their life.

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