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Before we start

An explanation of the BENEFITS of working with a Coach

Our dreams shape our goals in both a personal and a professional context and they in turn shape our lives.
People engage a coach for a variety of reasons, examples include:

A coach can help you to shape Your life …….. the life You want to live

Some people are happy and yet feel they could be happier, something is missing and they don’t know what, a coach can help with exploring this

Perhaps something has broken down in Your life and no longer works for You; a coach will help You to resolve and accept this

Working toward stretching You further than You ever thought possible

A sounding board enabling You to talk through ideas, exploring plans, realities etc

A coach is like having a personal cheer leader! The only agenda of the coach is:

Resolving is not putting You back where You were before

Whatever that success definition is, that YOU have decided upon

Turning ideas into action for results to be achieved – and taking the journey with You

Whatever your reason is for exploring working with a coach, and in making the decision that you want to do it, it’s worth remembering the following statement:

“If You continue to do what You’ve always done, You’ll keep on getting the same old results”.

Coaching deals with all aspects of Your life; it looks holistically at work life balance and the impact one area in life for example, our career, can have on other areas such as health or relationships. Many people talk about work life balance, and it is a see-saw where many see work on one side, and life on the other – almost as if you cannot have one, without sacrificing the other. Achieving the balance is the challenge, so that we can have both.

Coaching is not a ‘quick fix’, it is a method that is proven to have fast results – but only if You are prepared to make the effort and take the actions needed to move You forward.

Before coaching commences there is a Pre-Coaching Questionnaire and a Wheel of Life exercise.

You can email the information to

The information is to enable You to become more self-aware of what is going on in Your life as well as providing the coach with information that will aid working together more effectively, in order to achieve the results You desire.

The activities are designed to get You thinking about what it is You want to change in Your life and regular coaching sessions will help You to build on those thoughts, and lead to actions to help You in realising Your goals and ambitions.

As Your coach, I will support you as You work toward freedom from the circumstances You do not want in Your life and to choose what it is that You want instead. I will not judge, criticise or expect You to do anything that You don’t feel You can. As an experienced coach, I already know that You have the potential and ability to do, be or have what You really want out of life and I will encourage and support You on the journey toward Your goals and dreams.

You have come to coaching because You want things to be different – better than before, coaching will help to make that difference. I look forward to travelling with You as You clarify the life track that You are on, and create the changes that You choose to, so that You can design and create the life track You want to be on.

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

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