How Healthy is your ‘Bank Balance’?

Question, How Healthy is your ‘Bank Balance’? Is it in Debit or Credit? I am referring to your Personal Energy Bank Balance, not your money bank balance.

Your Resilience and overall Wellness Response when it comes to recognising stress and anxiety in yourself, and others?

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from Monday 15 – Sunday 21 May 2023. The official theme for this year, as set by the Mental Health Foundation, is ‘anxiety’. “Our ‘Just’ Anxiety?’ campaign aims to help people and organisations to understand the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders and to confidently seek and signpost each other to the right support.”

The theme of the week is anxiety, and what we can do to prevent it.

True Story

The other day I had a three-hour catch-up lunch with a friend from years back. I hadn’t seen her for a while, and I was looking forward to our time and catch-up. It was interesting to say the least, and at times not pleasant.

Our lunch date reinforced  for me my passion and desire for positively influencing and balancing health and vitality in others, and in me. The importance of it.

My friend shared with me negative life situation after negative life situation she was experiencing, causing her anxiety and stress. After a couple of hours, I felt I wanted to escape from all the unexpected negativities.

In feeling my own energy being affected, which is something I am very in tune with and avoid personal life situations where this is feeling is created in me, reflecting on it, reminded me of the following FOUR things:

  1. The UNKNOWN IMPACT that we can have on each other – I am quite sure my friend had no idea of what I was experiencing, or would have wanted to create that.
  2. When several LIFE CHALLENGES simultaneously occur for us to deal with, how important it is in our approach to our own wellness that we have things that ‘positively feed us’, to help offset the negative situations.
  3. How IMPORTANT it is that WE RECOGNISE STRESS AND ANXIETY in us personally, and in our contacts as in human beings, caring and looking out for each other.
  4. How easy it can be to want to back off and not to want to be around and SUPPORT PEOPLE when they need us most, perhaps creating more ISOLATING / DISTANCING from consequences.

Stress when it goes on too long may lead us into generalised anxiety disorder and is a mental health disorder that produces fear, worry, and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed. It is characterized by excessive, persistent, and unrealistic worry about everyday things.

None of us escape times of stress in life, and for many different reasons.

Handling a couple of negative situations simultaneously may not make much impact – handling a few, or when they go on too long, can take us ‘over the edge’ when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance.

We can reduce the impact that circumstances may have on us, however, we cannot always remove ourselves immediately from ‘toxic’ situations. We may decide to or must live with existing situations, and building up our energy balance to SELF-REGULATE becomes our CRITICAL KEY in managing this.

Think of this as your bank balance with debits and credits.  We are used to this in terms of money and cash ebbs and flows.

I am suggesting that you think about this as your ENERGY BALANCE, your ENERGY FLOW, also with debit and credit transactions. You’re coping with, resilience and ‘bounce back’ ability.

As we drawdown or debit on our emotional, mental, social, and spiritual credit balance, we may enter an OVERDRAFT situation, that will without a doubt at some stage impact us with dis-ease and illness either mentally or physically.

This is what I saw and heard in my ‘friend’. I felt I had to bring this to her attention, gently and respectfully raising her consciousness. This was not the person I had known previously, and I knew long term this would not bode well for her health.

We talked about how she could increase her positive energy by making a few enjoyable changes that would aid her wellness. How, in seeking to deposit positive energy credit flow experiences into her life to help mitigate and reduce the debits, these negative life situations she currently was experiencing, were creating the imbalance in her.

Going into overdraft situations is never a good thing.

Energy recovery is like financial recovery. It can take a long time to recover so it is better to ‘nip it in the bud’ as well as to build up a reserve, a cushion or fallback position.

If its money, its only money we lose, if it is our energy, health and vitality, the consequences can be far greater.

We do well in thinking about our positive energy flow. Increasing our resilience as part of our approach to our overall WELLNESS PLAN to better able respond and manage the negative situations that can occur, and often entering life unexpectedly.

Building good habits and a credit bank balance when all is well in our lives is good practice. In times of stress and anxiety situations, often the first thing to go is our self-care as our energy is diverted elsewhere.

What can you do to positively influence your energy balance, increasing your credit and overall wellness reserve? As always, I’m here to help. To contact me, please click here ❤️

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