You can create, design, build and dress the most beautiful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.  

Walt Disney

Many of us have been banging on the drum for years now about WORKPLACE WELLBEING interventions and TOTAL HEALTH AND HAPPINESS APPROACHES, and about the impact that the world of work has on our health.  

I was writing articles in publications way back in 2007 to raise its profile and we are never going to get away from this fact or change this ever-growing need, so let us get on with it by:

  • fulfilling the responsible mission of raising consciousness about what individuals can do to help themselves positively thereby influencing their own happiness and wellbeing
  • educating people by providing a platform for learning where employers and business inform and provide choices about strategies, tools, techniques and approaches that enable individuals to get the most out of their lives
  • enabling employees to give their best to their organisations that they are part of by increasing engagement at work and reducing absenteeism
  • impacting the surrounding community and families as employees will take back learning of what ‘wellbeing’ means home to their families and their communities


Just how do you improve business performance and bottom line results through integrating wellbeing initiatives with your business strategy? 

GILL MAIN DEVELOPMENTS LTD has incorporated personal 30 year plus experience coaching and training in a wide range of sectors and situations in the corporate and business world on business development, leadership, management and the performance and development of people; as well as positively contributing to the happiness and wellbeing of people through delivery of life coaching and hands on complementary therapy approaches.

The desire to bring these HEAD AND HEART approaches to business and people together led to the brand of PARTNERING4PERFORMANCE (P4P).  It was created as an approach to bring together an incredible team of specialist expertise to help people in the fullest sense, physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

My purpose with the P4P Brand is to remove the ‘warm and fuzzy’ perception that many people have about the subject of WELLBEING IN THE WORKPLACE.  Employees are a precious asset in a business, and any asset requires maintenance to be fully effective. 

It is sound business sense and also of great benefit to employees to integrate wellbeing practices into mainstream business operations.  I doubt many leaders in organisations need reminding just how much the wage bill contributes to the overheads in a business? The cost of the people resource is often the highest, or certainly one of the highest outgoings.

We spend much of our lives at work and this can and does cause a host of work / life balance and personal issues.

Neglected family relationships, anxiety, stress and weakened immune systems, low confidence and self-esteem leading to all sorts of health problems, physical and mental.  

We need to address these issues collectively as responsible people, simply because we care for one another as fellow human beings.

P4P service is about supporting and caring for the WHOLE PERSON that works in a business and raises consciousness further that the workplace ‘employs’ the WHOLE PERSON not someone that between the hours of 8am – 4pm or 9am – 5pm becomes an entity solely in relation to the work world. 

It may seem obvious.  My experience tells me that this is not always so, and it gets forgotten all too often.

“You can have the best systems in the world, but if your people aren’t fresh, if they’re burned out, it won’t matter.  They won’t provide the kind of service that customers expect.”  Bob Daniels

There are many proven benefits for introducing happiness, health and wellbeing into a business for both the employee and the business.  These include:

Reductions in

  • stress and anxiety of individuals and teams
  • the costs linked to absenteeism and sickness
  • risk of future occupational health illness and insurance costs
  • costs linked to presenteeism and lack of full engagement of individuals
  • potential litigation costs

“Presenteesim is defined as those that turn up for work, but don’t perform at or even anywhere near their full capacity, either because they have dragged themselves in when they should really be tucked in under the duvet keeping their germs to themselves, or because they are not fully engaged and have simply relocated themselves to the office, without being as productive as they could be.”

Improvements in

  • personal resilience in individuals
  • productivity and performance of individuals and teams
  • communication, engagement, motivation, morale, job commitment, satisfaction and happiness
  • retention and recruitment of staff
  • recognition as an employer of choice
  • demonstrates corporate responsibility
  • return to work for employees after genuine sickness
  • retention of experienced older workers sharing experience with younger staff


  • performance, progression and fulfilled potential in individuals
  • access to sufficient information for individuals to make lifestyle and health related choices
  • the business to contribute to sustainability, corporate responsibility and moral contribution to the wider community in which it operates

Life impacts on work and work impacts on our lives and overall happiness, health and wellbeing, both positively and negatively.  

Gill Main

A pro-active and managed wellbeing strategy can make an amazing difference to the people in any business as it reinforces the message that you understand how important they are to you.

An effective wellbeing in the workplace strategy is a win / win solution for everyone, healthy, happy staff and maximum production in a harmonious workplace for the leaders and managers.