Life is a work of ART designed by the one who lives it.


The Aim of this Workshop is to provide the opportunity for participants to take time out to focus on, think deeply and at length about the things that are really important and desired in your life.  To find out what is going on in your head and your heart when it comes to your future – what is important in your life?

The Workshop is all about raising your consciousness about the things that really matter to you clarifying your goals and aspirations for the future.  You will have quality time spending a day on yourself – putting DESIGN into YOUR LIFE because you are worth it.

You will be inspired to create a MUSE, your very own Vision Board that will be an expression of the deepest and often unexplored part of you.  This revealing comes from your spirit or source, from the unconscious mind that speaks to us in signs and symbols that can come from anywhere - if we are open and listen to our intuition and creative urges.  Your MUSE is a UNIQUE combination of thoughts, images, senses and the spoken word.

It is the expression of your intention.

"Imagination is everything.  It's the preview of life's coming attractions"

Albert Einstein   

Intention is the act of imagination and calls forth images or words that define what it is that you want to create and to have in your life.  What is important to You?  This ‘calling forth’ and intention is about creating an ‘energy’ and starts paving the way to manifesting your desires summoning events, people and resources to aid you.

You will also be provided with the opportunity to take your creative stimulus and turn this into concrete goals and actions to work toward.


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Listening and hearing yourself activity
  • Creating your vision board – your muse – your life by design
  • ‘Imagineering’ and crafting your perfect day
  • Clarifying, and future pacing, energising your vision
  • Next steps


The day involves workshop, individual and group activities.  There will be some pre-work to help you focus before attendance and a follow up one-to-one personal development coaching session. 

Investment fee is £145.00 and includes information handouts, Muse board and materials and light refreshments.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and although not necessary, please bring any magazines, photographs, pictures that you think may be appropriate to your design board and planning.