Yoga is a life-time journey and the skills developed not only help young ones in their daily routine and school-work, yoga provides learning, understanding and skills that will and can be used throughout all the stages in life.

The whole point of yoga is to help a person, no matter what their age be successful working with their strengths and to build confidence and self-esteem.


Yoga means ‘union’.  Union of the body and mind through posture. Through creating body awareness that includes balance, co-ordination, flexibility strength and conscious breathing, not only does yoga have a positive impact physically, it also works on the mind and the emotions.

The more obvious physical benefits are often what attracts followers that initially do not have awareness of the other benefits.

Yoga enhances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health enabling building of ‘inner resources and strengths’ that we need throughout our lives and the situations life presents for us all. 

Yoga for Kids helps to embed practices from a very early age and integrates positive behaviours and choices over how we learn, grow, develop and respond to situations throughout our lives.

No matter what the theme is that is chosen, individuals, partner and teamwork is integrated with yoga leaders and participants co-creating events whilst still achieving the desired outcomes of:

  • connecting to self and others, fostering respect for self and others
  • physical exercises to encourage body awareness and control through posture, balance, flexibility, strength and conscious breathing training
  • provides mental and emotional resilience techniques through relaxation, mindfulness and meditation


Family Yoga

Can be in larger groups or bespoke to a family that wants to increase its connection and working together enhancing relationships and communication with each other.

Two Grandma's Create haidah Yoga...

Julie and Gill want to welcome you to ‘haidah’ kids and family yoga.

The name haidah has been created from the first initials of the names of our SIX much loved GRANDKIDS that have inspired the approach and the development of this service for you. 

harrison, amelia, isla, deacon, alice and heidi

haidah kids and family yoga is being built on a foundation of love and hope

Most parents, grandparents, teachers, and society in general love and want the best for our kids.  We hope they will have their best lives whatever that means for them, and end up contributing to society and to our communities positively.

Yes it is hugely variable, but honouring aptitude, encouraging imagination to be creative, having our diversity and abilities respected, as well as learning to respect that in others will go a long way toward us living happy lives.

haidah is about encouraging the thought processes and patterns of behaviour that will support kids throughout their whole lives, recognising and appreciating the POWER WITHIN to maintain and / or increase our wellbeing.

haidah’s vision and purpose is in contributing to and enabling our kids to have inner resources and coping mechanisms; encouraging responsibility for problem solving and in making choices, knowing that not all of them in life will be positive and happy ones.

The haidah agenda is about fostering respect, love, leadership and appreciation for self and connecting with others; building confidence, self-esteem and communicating effectively. These are skills for life, from child to adult.

haidah yoga is fun with the purpose of acknowledging and developing the power within.


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