An introduction to haidah yoga 

awareness, building confidence, forming and making relationships and managing feelings and behaviour is an integral part of the educational curriculum for children in:
  • having a positive sense of themselves
  • forming positive relationships and respect for self and others
  • social skills, adaptability and appropriate behaviour in groups
  • learning how to understand and manage their feelings
  • having confidence in their own abilities and inner strength

Working with haidah kids yoga will increase awareness of practices that can positively impact on the above and health and wellbeing. 

Our story so far...

Julie and Gill want to welcome you to ‘haidah’ kids and family yoga.

The name haidah (pronounced hi ee da) has been created from the first initials of the names of our SIX much loved GRANDKIDS that have inspired the approach and the development of this service for you. 

harrison, amelia, isla, deacon, alice and heidi

Educators, teachers, and society in general love and want the best for our kids.  We hope they will have their best lives whatever that means for them, and end up contributing to society and to our communities positively.

Yes it is hugely variable, but honouring aptitude, encouraging imagination to be creative, having our diversity and abilities respected, as well as learning to respect that in others will go a long way toward us living happy lives.

Working with haidah kids yoga will increase awareness of practices that can positively impact on the above and health and wellbeing. By bringing the many known benefits provided physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, yoga contributes to the task of personal, social and emotional development and working with the minds of our young persons.

When it comes to building the inner resources and coping strategies that we need in life, the sooner we begin the better. We already know the trend and emphasis being focussed on the robustness of the mental health of our young ones, with challenges presented through anxiety and stress increasingly recognised in younger ages.

Yoga Session Typical Structure 45 - 60 Minutes

CONNECTING with self and others - Creating cohesion in the group and focussing concentration on class and tasks ahead.

POSES AND POSTURE development using creative ways to increase body awareness and confidence in abilities and to build upon these.

FUN ACTIVITIES using a topic theme and games; partner and group working as well as individual working encouraging imagination, leadership, participation and communication as examples.

QUIET TIME and relaxation using a variety of methods to introduce mindfulness and meditation practices.

We want our children to grow up to have their best and most fulfilling lives.  We must work together creatively to teach life skills and how to build internal resources needed for individuals to achieve their best lives.