If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you will keep on getting the same old results.


Our dreams shape our goals in both a personal and professional context and they in turn shape our lives.

People engage a coach for a variety of reasons. Sometimes something has broken down in our life and a coach will help us to resolve this and move on.  A coach will help you find the answer from within yourself.  

Often people think that a life coach tells you what to do in your life, and that is not the case at all – you are the best judge of what you want in your life.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching deals with all aspects of your life and it looks holistically at work life balance and the impact one area in life e.g. career can have on other areas such as health or relationships.  Many people talk about work-life balance and it is a seesaw where many see work on one side and life on the other – almost as if you cannot have one without sacrificing the other.  Achieving the balance is the challenge so that you can have both. 

Coaching is not a ‘quick fix', it is a method that is proven to have fast results but only if you are prepared to make the effort and take the actions to move you forward.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching, business leadership and management focuses more on performance in the workplace and may have more defined outputs and measurements of success looking at specific work or business performance results.

The same approach is used regardless, with the focus being on the desired result to achieve by you.


Providing a safe and confidential space and time for you to focus on what is going on in your head and your heart, so you can choose the changes you wish to make, a Coach can help with as examples:

  • Creating change in your life
  • Providing ‘laser like focus’ for your future
  • Planning, prioritising and generating action plans
  • Raising your confidence and self-esteem
  • Identifying and removing limiting beliefs
  • Struggling with work / life balance and its impact on you and others
  • Managing your way through change, either chosen or forced
  • Increasing motivation and energy
  • Enhancing overall wellbeing
  • Establishing career changes / business development
  • Providing you with supportive yet disciplined partnering in implementing your action plan
  • Sounding board
  • Happy enough, yet still feel there is something missing?
Gill is an insightful and compassionate coach with focus on the person as a whole. With Gill’s  vast experience in many walks of life and holistic approach, Gill enables you to find focus and make the changes that you need to make to have a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Ushma Bhatt