Hello, I'm Gill Main

At heart I am a life coach and I love people. 

I want us all to be happy, healthy and wealthy – whatever the word wealthy means for you.  To have abundance in our lives.

I don’t mean only money, although creating wealth is of course important too as it can give extended life choices and we can help more people with the resource.

Experienced over 35 years in developing people in business, leadership and management and then pursuing work / life balance strategies for my stressed clients resulted in qualifying in a range of holistic therapies; I launched my wellbeing in the workplace services and hands on holistic stress busting practice in 2010.

Client context can be corporate and business focussed, or people in general that want to create life change and / or are going through challenges or tough times needing some nurturing care and time and space, to focus on self.  Recently my service has extended to young people to help them to develop life skills and inner resources.

My work includes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development and as a coach / trainer I strive to provide knowledge and skills that can be ‘owned’ by individuals I work with so you have them in your ‘tool-bag’ aiding your own happiness and wellbeing approaches.  I am blessed with a wide team of professionals that I work with that can also support client needs.

"Don’t stress and strive to be better than the people around you.  Strive to be better than your best self – to be your exceptional self."

Gill Main 

As a passionate people developer and life-long learner, I seek to grow my own knowledge, skills and understanding to become more conscious about what works well for me, is useful, and that I can share with you.  Equally seeking to be more conscious of that which holds me back and then make the changes, not always easy.

On a wider note, I have a son Kevin and his wife Karen who have blessed me with two gorgeous grandchildren, Deacon and Isla.

I have a lovely 12 year old Beagle Hector who is my therapy dog, his brother Troy recently passed and we miss him everyday.  

I live in the beautiful North East of England and my favourite place is Italy.  My latest learning to share with others is my current training as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher for adults.  I will also be introducing family yoga and children only classes. 

Gill with Heactor and recently departed Troy

Me with Hector and recently departed and much missed Troy.

Janice Ross

It was Gill's reassuring nature and expertise in personal coaching that first drew me into finding out more about myself in 2005.  Gill helped me to understand my beliefs and values and worked with me until I began to live the life I wanted, rather than what was expected of me.  I highly recommend Gill's services - she is a very special person with a natural ability to bring out the best in others.

Gill is astute, diligent and very inspiring.  Her ability to keep a class engaged and participative is unparallelled.  Gill's experience and knowledge makes her a great mentor and sounding block for ideas, asking just the right thought provoking questions to focus your mind on the issues at hand.  I would recommend Gill to my colleagues, clients and friends alike without hesitation.

Kim Scott

Ade Walton

Gill is woman of immense integrity, someone to trust implicitly who consistently provides the highest level of professional delivery.   I found her to be a highly-valued team member affording in-depth sector knowledge and caring client support, always delivered both wholeheartedly and professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending Gill.

I have worked with Gill on two separate occasions. First as a personal coach hired by my employing organisation to provide one to one support; secondly I hired Gill under her Partnering4Performance offering to provide support to 30 managers in a division I had joint responsibility for.  Gill always delivers as promised, is very client focussed, and results oriented.  I recommend Gill to you.

Louise Buckton

Duncan Urquhart

It was very evident that not only does Gill possess vast knowledge, experience and skill of coaching in particular, but also she demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skill allied to passion for what she is doing. ​

I have been very impressed by the energy and commitment she has demonstrated in her desire to raise the bar in her business and professional life.  Her determination to bring topics very close to her heart into the market place - e.g. health and wellbeing - is being rewarded by a heightened awareness of what she has to offer and the depth of her expertise.

Finally, Gill is a pleasure to know, good fun, good company and always keen to have a coffee and catch up.  I recommend Gill to you.

I have worked with Gill on numerous occasions in recent years and find her both inspirational and thought provoking.
Recently finding myself at a cross-roads in my career I spent some time with Gill reviewing my options which proved extremely beneficial.  I would recommend her services unreservedly!

Keith McDougall

Glyn Davison

In a very challenging and high pressured period for me personally, not only did Gill ensure we remained focused on making decisions in a calm, thoughtful manner, she facilitated several sessions which resulted in the best business decisions we have ever made.   Her focus on teaching individuals how to coach, lead and develop are exceptional and her personal one to one sessions have provided support far beyond my expectations and I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Somehow Gill manages to inspire and entertain at the same time – and our development programme really moved forward as a result

Philip Bernays

Richard Booth

Gill worked with Maersk Training Newcastle as our main consultant People Skills instructor and helped develop and deliver leading edge training to our clients.  I would highly recommend Gill.

Aside from being exceptional in the field of holistic therapies, I consider Gill as a personal friend.  She is visionary, diligent and caring.  A real "people person".  Gill is also one of my Pilates students and always tries her best and is a hard worker.  On a personal level, I find her approachable, interesting, trustworthy and reliable as well as a warm, good hearted person.

Emma Newham

Ian Mapplebeck

Gill is an inspirational person and her life coaching abilities combined with her therapy skills have helped improve my wellbeing immensely.  Her training and management skills have been an added bonus helping me in areas of my work.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Gill as a trainer, life coach or management mentor.

I would recommend Gill to anyone wanting career advise or coaching she's brilliant.


Irene Conlin

I worked with Gill as my life coach at a time when my personal life had just been turned upside down.  She skillfully helped me through that time and taught me things that have stayed with me ever since.

Gill is a real inspiration and role model to work with. She combines an accommodating approach to people development with true integrity and authenticity.

Unna Hvid

Ushma Bhatt

Gill is an insightful and compassionate coach with focus on the person as a whole. With Gill’s vast experience in many walks of life and holistic approach, Gill enables you to find focus and make the changes that you need to make to have a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Gill is an amazing Reiki teacher. So knowledgeable, warm and generous that she helps you to easily take on board the principles of Reiki and flexes her teaching approach to what you need to make Reiki a part of your everyday life. I could not imagine doing my Reiki Master training with anyone else.   

Our daughter Kate was a shy girl with low self esteem.
We were concerned about this as she was due to start secondary school in September 2018.

Our's and Kate's fear was she would struggle to make new friends as she had been rejected and let down by friends in her primary school which really knocked her confidence.

We heard about Gill through a mutual friend and decided to contact her to see if she could help. Kate has been attending sessions with Gill since the summer and there was an immediate bond between Gill and Kate.

This has developed into a very close relationship between them both. Since attending sessions with Gill, Kate has come on immensely. She has made lots of new friends at her new school and has even been given the confidence to join and perform in a drama, singing and dance school.

This is a huge step for her as in the past school assemblies and standing up in front of her classmates normally turned into very stressful situations and meltdowns. Kate has learned some really useful life skills to cope with these situations now.

Gill is a lovely, caring and professional lady who has made a massive difference to Kate's life....we could not recommend her enough.

Denise, John and Kate

Lisa Welsey

Gill is fantastic, what more can I say.  She has been guiding me through my Reiki journey and from the moment we started at Reiki level 1 to now as I finalise my Reiki Master level she has been nothing but supportive. Very generous with her time and a brilliant Reiki teacher.

I can not recommend Gill enough for all your well being needs, whether on a 1:1 or group basis. 

I want to thank you for your guidance and teaching to take me from Reiki level 2 practitioner to Reiki Master. Your flexible and caring teaching style made my journey to Master level easy and smooth. Once again a big thank you and Namaste.

Franca Mongiardi

Professional Associations

UK Reiki Federation

UK Reiki Federation

I have been a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) for 20 years plus!  

Association for Coaching

Association for Coaching

Federation of Holistic Therapies

Federation of Holistic Therapists


  • Diploma in Life Coaching – Coaching Academy
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching – Newcastle
  • NLP Practitioner / Master Practitioner
  • Diploma in Strategic Management
  • Diploma In Holistic Therapy
  • Reiki Master Teacher Trainer
  • Diploma in Personnel Management